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On 15 November, 10:30 am to 1 pm CET, the STAND4EU Consortium will be running a workshop in the context of the Meeting Standards campaign.

The STAND4EU project has carried out a questionnaire and interviews to identify the obstacles hampering the standardisation efforts in four main technological domains: Additive Manufacturing, welding, Smart manufacturing/Industry 4.0/digitalization/ Artificial Intelligence and circular economy. The project partners are currently developing a remediation plan with recommendations to try to overcome those bottlenecks.

The main results of the work carried out so far will be presented during the workshop, with a specific focus on the bottlenecks and issues identified by SMEs and possible remedies. Following the presentation of the results, the participants will be asked to provide their feedback and views on the identified bottlenecks and possible recommendations to overcome them in an interactive discussion.

Find out more about this workshop in the link below:
Workshop Agenda: Navigating Standards And Overcoming Bottlenecks For SME Growth

SBS Workshop Presentations:
Results of the STAND4EU Questionnaire & Interviews
Bottlenecks and Remediation Plan

By SBS | 15th of November 2023