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Pedro Catarino

Actively involved in standardisation activities in different fields. He has been involved in additive manufacturing for several years, contributing his experience and knowledge to various important roles in international and European standardisation committees.

Since 2019, I have participated as an European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting delegate in both ISO/TC 261 and CEN/TC 438. He currently fulfils the role of Convenor of ISO/TC 261/JG 74, which focuses on personnel qualifications.

This role is particularly important as it ensures that the qualifications and competences of personnel working in additive manufacturing are well defined and aligned with international standards.

In addition, he is also EWF's delegate for the Circular Economy in ISO/TC 323. This role allows him to be at the forefront of standardisation efforts aimed at promoting sustainability and ecological practices in the manufacturing industry.

In addition to common participation in technical committees, he is involved in various activities related to the development of standards, where he has worked to support research and development projects with the standardisation efforts underway in various technical committees. This ensures that the latest advances and innovations in the manufacturing sector are incorporated into existing and emerging standards, ultimately benefiting the industry as a whole.